I had been asked my many people to write a blog about tech products. This is partly based on their observation of me being tech-savvy and generally very interested in anything digital and tech related.

I believe this has got to do with me being naturally intuitive about anything innovative. Although I am not formally trained in IT, I am quite the ‘techie’. Known to be resourceful and somewhat competent in troubleshooting, I allowed myself to be drawn into solving IT problems as well as offering advice on what gadgets to get. I eventually became the defacto IT go-to person to most of my family and circle of friends.

In actual fact, my foray into the IT world went further beyond this circle. I spent over 9 years (4 of those years as a technoprenuer, founding 2 IT consulting and development companies) in the IT industry and I was heavily exposed to anything ranging from mobile devices to mainframes. I understood how whole scheme of things worked and actively led IT project implementations for corporations and government organisations. Even though, I had officially left the IT industry now, I still kept very much in touch with what’s going on within it.

The name of this blog is pronounce ‘Digitazz’ but what it actually represent is ‘Digital A2(to)Z’. I am an aspiring blogger and although I do not yet have access to pre-launched products (I hope in the near future I would be able to review them before they officially go to market), I will continue to work towards being a valuable resource to you.

This blog aims to connect people of various tech-savvyness to the inevitable world of technology. We are living toward the Internet of Things (IoT) and find ourselves being introduced by new innovations everyday. Although this may be exciting for most, it can be quite daunting to some.

Technology is here to help us and hopefully I can bridge the gap and introduce to you all what I come across as exciting yet relevant. Stay tune.